Employment Opportunities

We are always accepting applications. Please print out our application for employment located at the bottom of this page and bring to the store that you wish to work at.



Primary function:  Providing our customers with fast, friendly, helpful professional assistance in our station.  Delighting customers in a way that will exceed their expectations so that they will want to return.  Complete transactions efficiently and accurately.


Job Responsibilities

·          Greet customers at the transaction counter in a friendly courteous and professional manner.

·          Operation of cash register

·          Handle, record and account for all transactions.

·          Thank customers for their business

·          Offer assistance and services

·          Maintain store appearance standards

·          Stock and clean merchandise and supplies

·          Maintain full, fresh and clean coffee station


Job Requirements

Customer Service

·          Out going friendly attitude

·          Greet and acknowledge all customers

Ø  Hi, How are you?

Ø  Welcome to .....(Said Station)

·          Assist each customer

Ø  Recommend current promotions

Ø  Directions / local attractions

Ø  Offer supplemental products

Ø  Process transactions fast and efficiently

·          Thank all customers for their business



·          Advising dealer of all customer complaints, requests, and comments.

·          Maintaining strong communication lines with team members and management.


Station Safety

·          Cash Handling procedures

·          Full understanding of Stage 2 equipment

·          Knowledge of gasoline shut off devices and fire suppression in case of emergencies

·          Personal safety / Robbery prevention

·          Follow all station safety rules and procedures


Shift Accountability

·          Collection of cash and making correct change

·          Money drop / pick-up procedures

·          Accurate completion and balancing of shift reports


Maintain Interior Appearance of Store

·          Trash receptacles cleaned and emptied

·          Floor swept & mopped as needed

·          Windows cleaned and free of streaks

·          Transaction area clean and uncluttered

·          Restrooms

Ø  Floor, walls and fixtures cleaned

Ø  Paper towels fully stocked

Ø  Soap and toilet paper well stocked

·          Merchandising

Ø  Stock, clean and rotate merchandise

Ø  Front facing of all products

Ø  Displays attractive and fully stocked

Ø  Stock and clean cooler


Maintain Exterior Appearance of Store

·          Gasoline dispensers clean and shiny

·          Trash receptacles clean and not full

·          Dispenser Islands

Ø  Clean and free of debris and snow

Ø  Paper towels fully stocked

Ø  Windshield washing equipment available

Ø  Curbs clean

·          Parking lot

Ø  Clean and free of debris

Ø  Cars parked in proper areas

Ø  Walkways kept clean & free of snow & ice.

·          Landscaping

Ø  Flowers watered and pruned as needed

Ø  Weeds pulled from landscape and beds

·          Building Exterior

Ø  Windows cleaned and free of streaks

Ø  Ledges kept clean

Ø  Building kept clean and free of graffiti

Ø  All promotional signs hung properly.


Additional Requirements

·          Enjoy working with the public

·          Professional appearance including uniform.

·          Ability to work in a fast paced environment and be on your feet for the duration of your shift.

·          Ability to work on a team

·          Ability to lift up to 40 lbs.

·          Self motivated

·          Adherence to all laws and training regarding age restricted products